Destiny 2 In Game Overlay: Trials Lookup Search Improvement

Since this is a Destiny App, I think its VERY important that you are able to search people in the “Trials Lookup” tab by Bungie name (including the #XXXX number after their name). For people with very common usernames, it will not find the person you are looking for (it only pulls up 3 names with no other identifiers), and is therefore, unreliable totally. This app is amazing, and I can’t wait to see the promise it holds for the future, but until it has that, it really isn’t usable. Hope you can add this, as it works totally fine on your website. Just the in game overlay you cannot search by Bungie Name. This is absolutely imperative, please add this feature! Thanks!

Hi @freeme62410,

Thank you for your feedback. I will add it to our list and we might be able to release an update this week. I will let you know once searching by Bungie nicknames becomes available in the app. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you!

Also one more thing, sorry!

Do you think it’ll ever be possible to use it in full screen mode? Currently the mouse cursor will not persist on top of overlay unless in widowed mode. Not the end of the world but partially defeats the point of having the overlay if you have to shift+enter out of full screen (could just use browser at that point).

Personally, I still think it’s amazing either way but that was the feedback I received from others when showing thiss awesome app to others. I understand there may be some technical limitations regarding this.

Unfortunately, there are actually some technical limitations in this case. This is what our partners from Overwolf keep working on and we hope they will be able to resolve this issue in the future.

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It is what it is! Well either way, the app is great and will be near perfect once the search feature is fixed. I think it’s great and I thank you for making it. I’ll be sure to get premium edition once you get that done. Y’all rock and thank you for doing it.

The app update should be available on the Overwolf Appstore now. Please make sure you are using v0.3.4 (you can check it in the app settings) and let us know if it works as you expect. :slight_smile:

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Brother, flawless. Amazing. Well done and thank you so much.

The only other suggestion I have is if it could still populate suggestions (even if only 3) similar to how Steam lookup works. Like for example, if i dont type in the #XXXX numbers, it could still populate a few suggestions. Not a deal breaker but would be helpful in the case to save time for unique usernames that are highly probable to bring up the right person should you type in just the “name” part of their Bungie name instead of the entire string.

In the regard of Steam names, not having the ability to type in the #XXXX made it difficult to find common usernames based on “Suggested” alone, and in the case of Bungie names, it makes it a longer process to find people in the case of uncommon usernames (forcing you to type the whole string, when it would almost certainly find the right person if you only typed the name itself if there were suggestions).

IF I had to pick which is better, obviously the Bungie name feature is much better! And thank you for that. If this never gets changed, I certainly won’t cry about it. Just a suggestion to improve it and make it better.

I purchased premium, but still getting ads on TRN and D2 overlay as well. Support tells me it can take 24 hours to kick in? A bit confused on how to connect Overwolf to TRN account as they appear to be separate accounts. I am logged into both under same email, but they are not the same account and my Overwolf app shows “No active subscriptions”

The only other suggestion I have is if it could still populate suggestions (even if only 3) similar to how Steam lookup works.

I think we can add this feature next week. :slight_smile:

I purchased premium, but still getting ads on TRN and D2 overlay as well.

Do I get it right that your purchased it on our website? If so, please make sure that you linked your Destiny profile to your Tracker Network profile on this page:

You should use the same Destiny profile in the app (e.g., use your Steam ID to link your profile in the app). If it still does not work, please send us a link to your profile on our website:

Greetings. I’m no longer seeing the ads on website, but I am still getting them on app. I used my Steam ID to “claim profile” on app, and my Steam is linked in Tracker Network page like you suggested. I’m not sure how to login otherwise to TRN APP other than login to Overwolf account and claiming my DTR profile through steam ID. Overwolf app still says “no active subscriptions”

Could you send us a link to your Steam profile on our website please? The one you sent is PSN and it does not seem linked to your Tracker Network profile.

Also, please note that the Overwolf client is not aware of the Tracker Network subscription if you purchased it on our website. You will see the Premium banner in the app only once your subscription is found.

When I sign in with steam, thats the URL it gives me. I think this might work though. I pieced it together

Thank you, we are currently investigating the issue.

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Also btw I did buy premium on your website, so how do we get the tracker network account linked?

It’s a bit confusing because when you click “remove ads” it takes you to your website. But when you login, it takes you to overwolf website.

I assume this is what you’re looking into, but just wanted you to have all the info:

I bought premium on TN website

I created accounts on both OW and TN sites with same email

I linked my TN account to my steam & playstation accts

I linked my DTR overlay profile to my steam via steam id (using the numbers from url) to find my destiny account

Please lmk if I got any steps wrong and sorry for all the trouble. Hopefully this helps you and others avoid future customer service bandwidth. I will definitely be recommending to friends and hope this becomes a profitable endeavor

Thank you for providing more information. Bungie IDs introduced a couple of issues in our system and it cannot detect your profile automatically now. I hope we will be able to resolve this one soon.

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@freeme62410 what is your current psn? bloqchainbandito?

Make sure its correct here: Tracker Network Login

Yes it is, thanks for looking into it

Hi @freeme62410,

I hope everything works well for you now and I would like to share some news. :slight_smile:

We have released an update for the app that includes the feature you requested. Moreover, the app allows you to view your Guardian stats and your daily performance now. We will be glad to know your opinion if there is something we can improve.

Sick! Man I was actually using it last night and it was working great. I will play with it more but Trials was great and the app just made it so much better. I will play with new features and let you know.

I’m guessing there will never be a way to automatically detect who you match against? That would be just incredible. For example, just after matchmaking, the names of your opponents automatically populates in the roster tab. I’m guessing that’s asking beyond the limitations but definitely worth looking into. You could make it a premium feature and I’m very confident that would be something that would be insanely popular.

Example: matchmaking occurs, app detects opponents and auto populates trials tab with info.

Over 700k people play trials every weekend and I’m betting you can capture at least 5% of them for premium monthly subs if you can pull that off.

I get that all your info prob comes from API but maybe some of the wizards over there have an idea to detect live info within the game.

This is something we expect to get from Overwolf in the future. However, it requires to solve a number of technical issues and limitations which is why we do not know if it ever becomes available.