Div up/Div down feature is inaccurate

It’s a good feature but it’s a bit broken, it should show how much mmr you need to get to next division but on border of next division it’s inaccurate, because of how Rocket League mmr works.

For example, if I have C3 Div4 rank, Div4 borders are 1402-1419, and if my mmr is 1410, it shows “Div up 9, Div down 8”.

But if I have 1424 mmr, C3 div 4 ends at 1419 and GC1 starts from 1435, it’s in the “no mans land”, and it actually goes over the border of your current division and it shows “Div up 5, Div down 22”, number 5 actually is -5 but I believe it’s coded the way it doesnt show minus sign, and it should show "Div up 11, Div down 28 ".

That also happens when you are deranking, because there is little bit of “no mans land” between every division to not instantly derank when you rankup.

So how to fix it?

“Current MMR - Lower division upper border = Div Down”

“Upper division lower border - Current MMR = Div up”

If I am 1415 mmr, it should be

“1415 - 1396 = Div Down”
“1435 - 1415 = Div Up”

Currently it’s this way: (Wrong way)

“1415 - 1402 = Div Down”
“1419 - 1415 = Div Up”

Just wanted to bring that to your information if you want to improve your tracker to be even better.