Empty Page or error on Matches (Warzone)

Premium and cant See any Matches stats. Empty Page or error Page. Since weeks. It will be fixed or premium dont waste money?

Hello @mihauOne87 and welcome to the TRN forums.

This is unfortunately a known issue in which TRN is awaiting a fix from Activision. Please see the following post for confirmation:

We dont pay @activision, we pay @trackerNetwork. You have to Fix this problem or cash back for no service….


I don’t work for TRN - I’m just letting you know why you’re seeing the error as was illuminated and confirmed on a different post.

The issue is on the side of Activision. TRN pulls your stats from the Activision API, so when Activision is having an issue, TRN will as well unfortunately.

Hi @mihauOne87,

The Premium membership offers services we are responsible for (such as no ads, personalized profiles, and priority support): https://tracker.gg/premium.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee access to services created and maintained by other companies. As said above, if Activision is having issues, we are having issues too. We are working with Activision closely and we are still waiting for a fix on their side. We understand your frustration and we hope it will be resolved soon.

I am not exactly sure if you are still experiencing this issue but I see that your match history is currently available on our website:


If you have this issue somewhere else, please let us know and we will look into it.

Yeah. On the Homepage is working but the ios app is still buggy. … and thanks for the Quick answer and hope you can find the problem

Could you share more information about the issues you are having in the mobile app please?

Blank Pages on Matches. iOS actually