Feedback on Live tracker- idea for better hacker detection

Hi @LostBlood

So this app was obviously designed to check if there are hackers in the game and see who the competition is.

The app would be better in detecting hackers if it showed headshot %, k/d ratio and all other stats within the LAST 7 days or even better last day or two. The reason why this is important is because a lot of the cheaters buy hacked/stolen accounts which are around 1kd. so using this tracker app is almost impossible to detect these players because you wont suspect a 1kd player to cheat and hence you have no reason to go into their profile to view the suspicious stats like headshot % etc. this also means that their hours played will be so high that it also doesnt look suspicious. Therefore, if we have headshot %, kd ratio, win % within the last 7 days this would be great as it is more relevant than lifetime stats.

When released their companion tracker app this is what they did and it was quite effective in avoiding cheaters.

if you guys take this feedback into consideration almost every cheater lobby could be avoided.

thank you

I believe we’ve had this request a few times for all of the TrackerApps actually.

Watch this space!

Hi @onlyGodspeed,

Thank you for your feedback! As mentioned above, we have received similar suggestions and we are currently thinking of possible implementations.

Unfortunately, leaving lobbies was an issue in the past which led to serious consequences for Overwolf and developers like us. We would not like to run into it again, and that is why it may take some time before we introduce such features.

You should look at introducing damage ratio (damage done by player/damage received to player) since generally speaking cheaters tend to take less damage. and if a player leaves pregame lobby it is included in the “matches” played section which can skew the stats, please look into this issue as well.

I don’t get it, i thought you guys @LostBlood @LJM did this to help the legit players avoid cheaters since activision is clearly doing the bare minimum. Warzone is losing players, and if noone takes initiative then game will keep on losing players when battlefield and halo comes out. Food for thought.