Fortnite Divisional Cups PR

Recently you lowered the PR gained from Contender and Challenger events. I, a challenger player, am now competing for an almost identical amount of PR as players who aren’t in the same division. Top 250 in challenger is the same as top 150 in contender. Surely that can’t be right? The PR format needs to change, how it originally was was way more rewarding than now. I’d like to add as well how there’s no FNCS this season so there is no event that gives a high PR multiplier. So this seasons overall PR give out for players who aren’t top tier is way lower than others. The system needs to be rethought or else not as many people will see the point in competing. I personally believe 1x for contender (an opens format) 1.5x for challenger (a round designated for better players) and 2.5x for Elite was a suitable amount and I don’t see anyone complaining.