Fortnite rating changes?

I have a 15% win rate over 50 matches so far this season. And a 3.14 K/D.

However, I have only earned 200 rating points from baseline all season. I am at 1400.

Even at only a 1400 rating I am still ranked in the top 0.1%.

What gives? By this time I would normally be rated well past 2000 with these stats.

And I make it to top 25 85% of the time. So it isn’t that I get dinged for early elimination much.

Did you change the formula? Is it broken?

This system has kept me interested for a few years, but the current progress is like watching grass grow.

Not interested in following a rating system that takes weeks to gain 200 points.

@Perfecshionist We made some significant changes to the TRN formula which you can read about here:

Introducing TRN Score (

This new system is terrible.

If I am ranked in the top 0.1% after on getting 230 points in 50 matches then you designed a crap system.

You built your point based on a database skewed by aimbotters nd Cronus users. They are the players with the high k/d per match and “activity” numbers.

The aimbotters get banned in a few dozen games but they contribute to the data set and are massively over represented in your “expected” results weighting.

You should not be rating people based on how well they perform compared to the top cheaters.

The old system reward consistent results over a large number of matches.

This system rewards high k/d and high activity results and without regard for how many matches they play before getting banned.

It is also asinine to have a system that does not weight a win as meaningful compared to “activity”. It is a battle royal not a hyperactivity contest.

Finally, your activity system punishes zero build players since in zero build stealth and good tactical judgment matters more than “activity”. Except for the aimbotters who run around looking for fights without regard to having any tactical advantage because they lean on their aimbot/cronus scripts.

The old system might have needed improvement but anyone at the top >3000 of this system is absolutely a cheater.

I am tired of the multilayer community catering to dirtbags who cheat.

I am done with this site.

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I will make one suggestion.

Limit the data set to only account with more than 500 matches. And only accounts that have played in the last year.

This will remove a lot of the high performance cheaters from the data set since they often get banned by 100 matches.

This will skew the data set toward experienced players but it will remove most of the cheaters. At least the most obvious cheaters.

It will not deal with cheaters that use Cronus, or use external cheating hardware/2nd PC (like most streamers use)…but it will remove a lot of the script kids and rage hackers that often dominate the game for a few weeks before the next ban wave.

Also, you need to have two data sets for zero build and regular. “Activity” zero build vs regular is not similar.

Any system that punishes stealth play in zero build is a bad system.

I do agree with the two data sets of Build vs. Zero Build. The two are played differently. On top of that, play style varies from player to player. Wins matter the most for myself and my the crew I play with. For others I know they want high kills. I just hope this new system takes into account the different play styles from the Community.

Still love this app and I know the staff at TRN will do what’s best for stat tracking, let them just iron this new system out. Just keeping giving feedback so they know what we want.

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Hi @Perfecshionist,

Thank you for your feedback! I shared it with the team, we will discuss it internally.

Please note that we have already made several improvements since the introduction of the new system, and we will continue improving it over time.

Perfecshionist, I can only agree this new systrem sucks, the old system was way better.
Hope they change it back.

@Perfecshionist I will run some tests on the feedback you gave and see if that improves things. Appreciate the feedback The system doesn’t suck. It’s brand new though so perhaps there is room for improvement.

Would either of you be willing to link your profile so I can analyze your stats further?

Furthermore - Yes this is a new system - and yes we will continue to iron it out and improve it. Appreciate all constructive feedback!

Hi Xorth

First of all I apologize for saying it sucks, I know you put a lot of work into it.

Here is my profile.

The problem as I see it is that you are punished far too much if you do not get a high kill score, and you are not rewarded enough when you win. Before you had to be in the top 25 and were so sure not to get a minus, now you have to be in the top 10, and even there you can be punished if you don’t have enough kills, the punishment is too high for casual players.

(even though I’m I am in top 30 atm.) on trn is that for example I played a game yesterday and got 3 kills quickly but ended up outside the top 25 I got minus 16 points that means someone like me has to win at least 2-3 games before i get those points back. Since I don’t get more than 4.5 kills per game

That’s why I think it was better before, when you were more sure of not losing points if you got in the top 25.

And before anyone says just kill more. look at the top 3 on trn they clearly play bot lobbies, and are rewarded for it. Where people who actually play on “normal” servers get punished. As I said I played a game and ended up out of the top 25-30 with 3 kills, and get -16 points,

Then I play a game that I win, 3 kills and only get 6 points.

And then game where I end up in the top 10 with 2 kills, and get -2 points… it doesn’t seem logical.

And it is in the span of 10 games, when I go from 3,300 points to 3,310 points

Players are punished harder now, and cheaters that want to get to the top just needs to play bot loobies, and can get 20-30 kills per game.

It’s hard to take the rating seriously when you can just play bots lobies and end up in the top 10 on trn without much trouble. and have a win ratio that says 85% plus. Like the top 3 and to be honest probably the whole top 10 if you check them out.

Last season my best ranking was at one point top 5, and I got in the top 10 when the season ended. Now there is no chance because of how the ranking system works, and I don’t want to play bot lobbies.

And yes I know that the problem, with players and bot lobbies was a problem before, but now I really shows.

Before this season, your rating system was a 100 times better than epic’s ridiculous rank system, but unfortunately not really anymore.

I know you put a lot of work into this but I feel the system is broken atm.

Sorry for my bad google translate :slight_smile:

Hi anything new? I can see you removed the post about the Chapter 5, Season 2 changes? I can oly find this old post. TRN Rating & You


It will take us some time to analyze our database and various parameters affecting the TRN Rating stat, there is currently no exact timeline.

I am not sure which post you are referring to, but our main updated article about TRN Rating is still available here:

We will probably make a new announcement on our website when we finalize the implementation of improvements.