Fortnite tracker premium not working

I bought premium for 5 months but i still cant customize my profile and it says you need premium for it. I checked my card and it says i bought it but it says its pending. is it my cards fault or just the premium isnt working for me? Later i checked my card and it dosent say its pending anymore and i bought but still i cant get the premium features where you can customize your’e profile and the other benefits.

Hi @asianshota,

Can you make sure you’re logged into the correct TRN account with Premium when trying to customize your profile. I can see your Premium account is not linked to any Epic Games account. You need to link your Epic Games account to your Premium TRN account here.

I also have the same issue, after purchasing premium it wont update my pfp or banner even after 2 hours of trying and waiting, i used a png for pfp and jpg for banner, please help.

Hi, as you have Premium, you can make use of Premium support here. Your issue will be resolved faster.