Frequently showing "no data found"

When I refresh my Destiny Tracker page to get the latest game stats, I often get a “no data found” error page. This has been happening for the past couple weeks now. This is clearly some kind of bug, because I don’t get this error with other Destiny tracking websites at all (e.g. The bug doesn’t occur all the time, as sometimes I get the proper page on refresh.

Can you guys please look into it? This bug is incredibly frustrating. My bungie ID is goliathslayer#7142.

Bumping to the top.

This page is what quits working?

Typical usage is as follows:

I view my Destiny Tracker page for the first time that day (the main profile, with the KDs and elos). Will almost always load properly.

Then I play a game or two.

Now I want to see stats related to those games, then I would refresh my DT page.

However, the DT page will frequently display the message “No data found” and “No matches found for the specific mode.”

If I wait a while (i.e. a long long while), usually after the page will load properly and display the data.

But then after another couple games if I refresh the page to view the latest stats, I get the “No data found” page again.

Ok I will investigate this, thank you.

Gently following up…no data found issue still happening.

Bumping to the top…

Still encountering this issue…bump to the top.

Still got this issue…will it get fixed? This bug doesn’t occur on any of the other stat platforms.

Actually it might be fixed – when I start a new browser window in private, it works. This hadn’t worked when I first started the thread. So might have something to do with cache / cookie.