Geo, leaderboard, linked accounts NOT SHOW

Hi, although we set Geo location months ago, flags are not visible on the profile and we cannot be showed on regional leaderboard.

Platforem : PSN
Names : Princess_Linh and Prince_kumarys
Geo : Czechia
Game : Battlefield V

Also the linked accounts like YT doesnt show, but i guess its because of the flags.

Can you please help us? We tried everything, but nothing worked :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Hi @Princess_Linh,

Unfortunately, we could not find any Tracker Network profiles associated with Princess_Linh and Prince_kumarys on PlayStation. Please make sure they are linked on this page:

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Oh, the profile are linked for name, so we need to change name so they are same as our on-line ID?

Correct. Please use your PSN ID (Princess_Linh).

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I cant use _ , so i can just change
name as Princess Linh, Would IT be good like this?

Flag or YT doesnt show yet. Leaderboard i guess will last for a little longer , than the changes will show?

Sorry, you might misunderstand me. You have to use your PSN ID on our website:


You can keep your name (Daniela Le) in your PlayStation account.

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Ohhh ok, i see, Thank you, its done.
It will take a while, than the FLAG, YT and on leaderboards will show, right? :pray:t3:
Thank you so much.

The country flag and your Twitch account are visible now. It will take a few hours or days to refresh regional leaderboards before you see your placement.

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Ok, i dont see YOuTube account linked to my profile, this will also takรฉ a while?
ANd on the Prince_Kumarys still isnt a flag, but there is set Geo, should we wait?

If your YouTube account is still not visible, I would recommend you to unlink it and link again. You may need to logout and log in too, sometimes it helps.

I also checked the account settings for Prince_Kumarys and the country is not set on this page right now which is why the flag is not shown in the profile:

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Yes, i just looked and it didnt set up, didnt know why, but i set it again and now i can see finally the flag also in primce_kumarys.
Ok, i will try it!
Thank you so much, for your help, really appriciate it! We dealed with this problรฉm many months and together we solved it for one day, ลฅso really thank you! :pray:t3::pray:t3::clap:t5::clap:t5:

Hi I donโ€™t see my name in battlefeild V leaderboard
I can see battlefield 2042 in my name leaderboard

Username : anikuu
Platform : PlayStation
Game : Battlefeild V
Location : Myanmar