Geo Location on Vanguard Leaderboards Not Working

So I show up on regional leaderboards, for Canada on other Cods.
But Vanguard will not update no matter how many times I refresh/unlink/redo my PSN and Geo.
And if i search my profile it seems to be fine… it has the flag next to my name.

PSN: oTopshot

Below is a screenshot of the Black ops 4 leaderboard I’m currently on.

Hi @oTopshot,

When did you search for your profile for the very first time? In some cases, it might take hours or even days to refresh regional leaderboards.

Hey my issue above did kinda sorted itself, however I cant appear on the activision regional leaderboards now.
I’ve been trying to link and unlink my account and doesn’t seen to be working.

It’s been afew days since i’ve last tried.

My Activision account is: oTopshot#5717893