Getting someone else's stats (Battlefield V)

So my account on Battlefield V is BeyondTheBased, and I’ve been tracking my KD and stats and such since I created it earlier this month. However, just now, my account has swapped profile picture, and my KD dropped from 1.26 to 0.94, it says my last recorded game is in April (I didn’t own the game). You can see the graph completely drop off, etc etc. It’s got stats for guns I’m currently using now, as well as stats for guns I’ve never used, and my rank is wrong. No one else on Origin is using the same username as me, so I have next to no clue what’s happened. Bit frustrating, thought I’d post to see if I can get it fixed

EDIT: Changed my origin username to B3Y0ND and now I can’t track any stats, as the TRN for BFV says B3Y0ND is not a real account. Seems like the BFV tracker is broken XD

Your stats are here: B3Y0ND’s Battlefield 5 Overview Stats - Battlefield Tracker

You may want to update your linked accounts here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Thank you


I am getting the same problem. I recently made a new account and had no games played. Yet the stat tracker shows stats that I hadnt made and the profile picture doesnt match. It doesnt update to my actual stats.

ID: Myraci
Platform: Xbox

Thanks a bunch!