Halo app and web paid, but shows adds

Love it all. However, I pay to not have ads, yet there are TRN ads to try to get me to pay monthly (I already do), and there are ads for other games on the app (right now it is showing and “Advertisement,” it even says that, about getting Fortnite. Hmmm… what am I doing wrong.

@Drumfly, Can you please specify where you see advertisements?

Your profile is premium as signified by the avatar frame Drumfly’s Profile Overview - Halo Infinite Tracker (halotracker.com)

Assuming you are signed into the correct account, you shouldn’t see any advertisements; can you possibly screenshot the next ones you see?

This ad wants me to join premium, which I did so I would not get ads (among other things) haha ha.

Please verify you are signed into your account on the mobile app?

Click on the ‘more icon’ (Three dots, bottom right of the app)

If you’re not signed in, you will see the option ‘Sign in or register.’

Hopefully, signing in will fix your issue; i’ve verified your account is premium