Having The Tracker up on a 2ND screen

Is there anyway that I can have the UI on a different monitor? This was always the way I had the other tracker setup before it went to shit. I like being able to just look at my other monitor for ranks.

Hi @wrathofbong46290,

Could you clarify please which app you are using?

the Tracker Live App

Unfortunately, this option is currently not available. We have plans to add it in the future.

does this App not support the extra modes? I notice when I join drop shot I get no rankings and there is only visible ranks of normal modes and no extras.

It should support Hoops, Snow Day, and Rumble. If the app does not work in any of them, please let me know and I will check again.

Unfortunately, Dropshot is not supported right now because of internal Rocket League issues. We hope this problem will be resolved in the future.