Hello, I got pr problems I'm at 1.5kpr when I'm supposed to be at 2kpr. Please help i need it back

hello, I got pr problems I’m at 1.5kpr when I’m supposed to be at 2kpr Please help i need it back

Hi @azoxyBTW,

First of all, please stop creating new posts about this problem. We see your message and we will respond when we have time.

Now, please read F.A.Q. on our website:


If there is no answer to your question, we need more information from you. What is your nickname? Why do you think you should have more PR? Is it related to any specific Fortnite events?

Sorry, My pr decay i dont know from what event, is there any chances i can get it back? (nickname) (alex)
this my fortnite tracker, azoxyBTW - Events - Fortnite Tracker

Please look at “Decayed #” in your events history:

We adjust PR in old events over time automatically to balance the ranking system, it happens to most players who played those events.

Oh i see but u cant add it back right?