[HELP] Which field can I use to get the mode from each match

When I get matches_info from the Apex api “xxx/sessions”, I can not distinguish the mode of each match, like 'Battle Royale" or “Arena”, which field specify this?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks a lot!

I want a documentation for each field in this response (documentation page for apex legends api), but I can not find it.

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Hi @kumoo_dev,

There is currently no field to detect a game mode. The website identifies a game mode based on rank score changes. For example, if you gain or loose rank points in Battle Royale, the game mode for a match will be Battle Royale. The same logic applies to Arenas. If your rank points did not change, Battle Royale will be shown by default (even if you actually played Arenas) but you can tweak this logic yourself based on other available stats.

Ok, I see.
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And, I want to ask that how can i increase my rate limit, the value of my “x-ratelimit-limit-minute” is currently only 5.
I would like an increase

Have you tried to apply for production use in your dashboard? Could you briefly explain the purpose of your future app and how many requests you expect to do per minute?


Sorry, I was on vacation two days ago, I didn’t check my email.
I have applied but was rejected. What information do I need to provide about the app?


I hope to get the user’s game record through this api if the user bind apex game account on our app. So that we can show a simple record page for user. I expect one request per seconds,thank you very much if you can pass!

I suddenly realized that my last reply may not be related to yours. I hope you take the time to read the previous description in my post.

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Could you email us at [email protected] and share as much information about your needs as possible please? You may also attach a link to this post in your email.

There is a person in our team who reviews API applications and he will make a decision based on the information you provide.

ok!I will try later. Thanks!