Hiding Ban History and Being Readded to leaderboard

Recently I was banned for “cheating” (9/11/2023) on Rainbow 6 Siege. This was a false stat ban (Headshot % was too high). I have gone through Ubisoft support and the ban was determined to be false and removed from my account. I am asking to be re-added to the Rainbow 6 Leaderboards and for my ban history to be rehidden as it was determined to be false. As far as the botting ban it had been hidden for nearly a year and a half (until the cheating ban un-hid it) as it was also determined to be false. You can check my r6tracker linked below. As far as proof I am still able to play the game since 10/5/23 which is my unban date. Account name “HUNT3R._”. Thank you


If needed I’m able to provide logs from Ubisoft support showing my unban.

how did you get unban i was false banned and idk how to fix it