Highlights match record is disabled

My highlights match record is disabled. i’ve tried reinstall it,but it didn’t work.

Hi, you need to click on the Victory/Kill/Death buttons in your screenshot to enable capture events.


please help i have tried many times reinstalling this issue started when i reinstalled my os i thought must be the issue with the os and tried reinstalling os 3 times didnt fix and after tried reinstalling the latest gpu drivers didnt fix and also tried installing the valorant tracker software multiple times still didnt fix it shows all other details like the live match rank etc and recording is set to kill and victory and still it wont record ive also attached the applog please help

AppLogs_2024-02-27_17-22-57.zip (284.8 KB)

Hi, from your logs, I can see you have a GTX 1650 GPU.

Since the latest Nvidia driver update (551.61), users with GTX 1650 & GTX 1650 TI are unable to video capture using any Overwolf capture app. The only workaround is to roll back to the Nvidia 551.52 driver version. Here is a guide from OBS forums on how to install older Nvidia drivers - https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/how-to-fix-nvenc-error-get_encoded_packet-nv-nvenclockbitstream-s-lock-failed-8-inv_eng_err_invalid_param-”.173505/