Hotkeys aren't working (Alt + T)

I recently had to reinstall my overwolf and the apps I use for my riot games, and I haven’t had any problems like this in the past. I got on valorant today to play some comp and quite usually open valorant tracker to see the match stats. however, this time, the hotkey (Alt + T) isn’t opening valorant tracker. it does work to open valorant tracker directly from overwolf (CTRL + Tab > TRN), but this takes time away from my buy phase. I’ve also tried changing my hotkey a few times as well, to things like (Alt + G) but it still doesn’t work. Is there a way to fix my hotkey?

Never mind, I don’t know what exactly fixed it but it’s working again. I did uninstall mobalitics cause I didn’t originally have that installed. Just putting that in there in case it happens to somebody else that has both installed. Maybe they have an over lapping keybind?

Hi @Bibbles1,

Thank you for letting us know!

This issue may arise if you use other software with similar capabilities. If it happens again, please make sure to create a ticket on the Overwolf website too:

We use the Overwolf platform to enable hotkey and overlay capabilities, their support agents will have more resources to assist with this kind of issues.