How am I not 4999.1?

I reached 4.999 in solo trn rating like 6 days ago and have won 20+ games including 6 straight games with good kills today. I am still a 4999. Laserxb1 reached 4999 last night and within a few games he gets 4999.1. I don’t get what I have to do to reach 4999.1. I feel if you win and ready up right away so the matches group together that it is a cheat to getting higher trn. There’s no way I won 6 straight and 20+ games since being a 4999 trn and I’m not higher than laserxb1 when he just reached that rank yesterday. I feel if you group matches together by readying up after a win that is the only way he is above me. I space out my matches to avoid getting games harassed and as a result I’m lower rank even though I put in more work and performed better.

He clearly knows how to play the system and group matches together to boost his rank. If I would have known this I would had done it the whole time. I was sitting at 4999 trying to grind to 4999.1 and got no results and was wondering what I was doing wrong and just because this guy knows how to play the system he gets above me with a couple grouped matches and gets 1st off it. It is just cheap that’s all im saying. I will try to group matches together tmr to boost my rank but I think it’s not fair he’s 1st for the current time when I played way better since being a 4.999 I just didn’t know how to play the system

Can I at least get a we are looking into this?! I’ve won way more games since reaching 4.999 in solo
trn compared to Laserxb1 and I haven’t ranked up because I don’t group matches together. It sounds to me like Laser is an insider and knows how to cheap the system just saying

Did you ever figure out how to fix this?