How can I clear the cache in the Highlights folder I have chosen?

I run a cap of 10gb in a folder…it was reaching near full…so i salvaged my plays worth keeping…and deleted all files using windows explorer. how can i clear them all in the highlights tab within the app…for me to click the trashcan on each video would take me a while…

Hi @plumbusamongus,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, this option is currently is not available. We will add it in one of the next updates with better control over the app data.

How about now? :smiley: I have to delete 3k of highlights :roll_eyes:

if you click the file button next to the trash can then when in the file you click on valorant tracker in the top then hold left click and select every file then right click and click delete. Just had to with 3k myself and it was a lot faster than clicking the trash can