How to make my profile private (hide it)?

Hello. I have a quastion.
How to make my profile private (hide it) ?
Cheaters using for detect me and for persecution\harassment

Before, Origin client had such function stop sending stats to that site, but now we using EA client and here no such function.

@Anastasia If a game supports privacy settings these are usually buried within the game settings menu.

With Battlefield I believe in the game you have an option to ‘share/hide game data’ hiding this should help you.

Thank you

@Lewie I did turn off this function in settings of menu(in game process - stop sending statistic), but this didnt help me, and i still see my activity on

Can you explain to me in more detail how to hide your profile on the site ? I saw that many players already did it, even cheaters.

Hi Anastasia,

I have the same problem. Did you found a solution please ?