How to Track 'Mad Maggie' statistics and show on LB's

Hello Everyone!

We just wanted to put this rather simple guide/FAQ together for those who want to track their ‘Mad Maggie’ statistics in-game.

While the same process is followed for all legends no doubt we’ll have an influx of newer users and it’s always better to try to make things a little more simple! :slight_smile:

Step 1 - Please equip trackers in-game that you wish to be tracked by ApexTracker.
We can only see data for your currently selected legend and their currently equipped ‘trackers’ (Circled in yellow)

In the below example ApexTracker would be able to see how many Kills, Arena Kills, and Damage Done you have for Maggie.

To check everything is now visible to us please search up your profile

Please note
If you are playing on the Steam client or Nintendo Switch; the first time you load into Apex Legends you are forced to create and link an Origin ID; we require that you search this ID when looking for your account statistics. This is not something we have control over and at the present time do not support direct Steam Linking.

Origin/Playstation/Xbox users can simply search their respective ID/Gamertags on the home page.

I’m personally using the Steam client so I would have to locate my linked Origin ID and search this on site.

Step 2 - Making sure your profile is accurate

While on your profile you will note on the left side a box lets you know what Legend we can currently see selected in-game; and what trackers we can see for said legend.

If you see the trackers you want to … track. congratulations the hard work is done! Your profile is now updating.



When will I show on the global leaderboards?

Global leaderboards have a slower update period than your own profiles; if your own profile is tracking correctly you will appear on the globals within a few hours’ time.

I want to appear on my own region’s leaderboard; how do I do this?

While on your profile if you see your regions flag over your Avatar you are already good to go! Just wait for the leaderboard refresh to occur.

If your profile does not show your region;

  1. Log into your TRN account
  2. Make sure the correct accounts are linked here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (
  3. Following this set your region ONCE here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

Please allow time for things to process.

Good luck!