HS% that seem doesn't work properly (at least in TDM)


Every time I play TDM the live HS% seems to be good in the app tracker but once the game is saved in the history, the HS% drops. Here is my last TDM in the tracker and the HS% and then in Outplayed for each game you can see the number of Headshot. If we do the math, we see that the % is not the same in the tracker.
Here is my tracker:

And a few example of my outplayed recordeds with the number of HS:

PS: it seems that the same problem also occurs on the other game modes: (comeptitive)

I have many other examples, but as a new user, I can only post one image, sorry.

Thank you.

Have a good day.

Hi @JeTiX9501,

This stat is based on two different formulas depending on where you look at it.

HS % on the live match page (in “Scoreboard”) is based on this formula:

headshot kills / total kills

However, HS % in final match reports on our website (and also in “Career Stats” on the live match page) is based on this formula:

headshot hits / total hits

We understand that this may be confusing, but there is currently no way to track hits for all players in real time to change the first formula.