I can't change the country of my profile

i had already registered in realmtracker. i chose my country but deleted this accounted because of some reasons. after a wile i created a new account and connected steam in it. now my problem is that i can’t change my country in account. using the geo setting option didn’t solve this problem. i need your guidance pleas.

When you say you cannot update the geo setting are you suggesting when you try to update it will not save; or is your profile just not displaying the region you have selected?

For the record you can update regions here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (thetrackernetwork.com)

Feel free to link me your account

Thank you

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exactly, my profile not be displayed in the region i selected.
i chose the country i wanted ( united states ) and it was successfully selected but nothing changed, the problem is that I don’t see my self in the united states region and i’m still in the previouse region leaderboard
thank you very much for your attention