I can't claim my profile

I have linked Steam, EA, Youtube, Twitch and other social networks, but I can’t claim my profile. When I click on “claim profile”, it redirects me to the linking section, but everything is already linked. When I claim the profile, will I be assigned the flag of my country? Thanks in advance


Hi @itsBunnitoooTTV,

You should use the same Origin username in both places for us to link your Apex Legends profile:



Hello i have the same problem with my valorant account
What i can do?

@fonter Valorant and Apex are very different in the way you claim accounts.

Head to this link: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (thetrackernetwork.com)

Click on the ‘RioT’ box
Sign into your account, and you will then be reverted back to our site.
Your account is now linked

You will know it’s linked as it will appear like this