I can't see my account on the leaderboard.

My account is KorTankLegend.
I am using a premium user, I played more than 150 rounds.
I want to know why I can’t see my account on the leaderboard.

Hi @KorTankLegend,

Could you send us a link to the leaderboard you cannot find your profile in?

Sorry, I mean the leaderboards, not the profile itself:

Which stats are you choosing?

k/d , k/min, score/min leaderboard (korea)

Thank you for the links. It looks like you had to play at least 250 rounds to get a placement in these leaderboards. However, we decided to lower it to 150 rounds today, and it will take at least one day to update placements in all leaderboards.

Please check leaderboards in a few days again and let us know if the change has resolved the issue.