i dont know why is not working tracker.gg

Hello @Miguelzz and welcome to the TRN forums.

I was able to pull up your profile without issue, and I’m not getting the same described network issue, so I’m going to guess based on the error message and inability to reproduce the error that this is a problem with your local network or internet connection.

The error you’re showing is likely due to the page attempting to reload to show your updated matches, but when it attempted to do so, you may not have had internet connectivity at the moment.

Obviously your internet is working right now as you were able to successfully post a message on this forum, so how frequently do you see this message? Does it go away when you refresh the page (using the browser refresh button/F5 and not the refresh button on the TRN page)?

exactly I had no internet connection at the time of loading, since I have this message it appears directly when loading the page

The error continues to appear even after refreshing the page?

Can you try clearing your browser cache/cookies and try again?

Below is a list of guides for the major browsers on how to clear cache and cookies:

I tried several times to refresh the page, I tried different search engine
Microsoft EDGE
on all of them I get the same message, but on my phone it works perfectly
just on my computer it doesn’t work

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Same happens to me but with the lineup guide section. I click on it to upload a tutorial and it shows network error for no reason…

I have literally the same issue