I linked a new Ubisoft account to my Xbox profile and it’s still tracking the old Ubisoft account for my Xbox account

My Xbox account is displaying my old Ubisoft accounts stats and not the new Ubisoft accounts stats. My PlayStation account is displaying the right Ubisoft account so I don’t know why my Xbox account isn’t. Here is a link to the Xbox account which is displaying the wrong Ubisoft account. https://r6.tracker.network/profile/id/ce6ac0c8-ac79-4ddd-8a41-2a56c5a7f832
And here is my PlayStation account which is displaying the correct Ubisoft account. https://r6.tracker.network/profile/id/9063d481-6eec-40ce-9e64-9f8d177f3799
I just want both accounts to display the new Ubisoft account which is shown on the PlayStation account. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can I ask why you changed to a new Ubisoft account? What were you hoping to achieve?

It’s suprising if Ubisoft would just allow you to change your level 165 account into a level 20 account and remove your previous rank history.

The old Ubisoft account was linked to an email that I don’t have access to anymore and I tried everything to get it back and it just wouldn’t work. It was my friends old email and he said it was a burner email and he had no way of getting back into it. I ended up having to make a new Ubisoft account because of it.

Can you guys fix it? Or will it fix itself over time? Also both the PlayStation and Xbox accounts are linked to the new Ubisoft account.

If I were to level up the new Ubisoft account above 165 which was the old ubisoft accounts level would it update to the new one? I’m sorry I’m just trying to figure this out. It’s got me stressed out.