I need help using ValTracker

Ok, starting from the very top is that I have 2 accounts (not valorant accounts like 2 pc accounts). So, I am on the one that was not the main one on this computer. I tried to use valorant tracker on this account (NOT VALORANT) and it doesn’t not show me peoples ranks and stats. But when I use the main account, it works fine. I need some help on how to make it work on the 2nd account (Which is not the main one).

Okay, that’s a complicated one to wrap my head around.

Just to help clarify your question here;

The issue isn’t with a Valorant account; this issue is that on your PC you have multiple user logins (For example you may have a main account, and maybe a work account) but when you use one of those accounts the site/app doesn’t function the same as the other?

Firstly please confirm if I have that correct.

Secondly; if your issue with the website or the app? Or both?

Finally, can you provide me with any examples of the difference via screenshots and posting the links here?

I’ve not personally had a report of this issue before so the more information the better.

Thank you