I signed into valorant tracker with my other account how do i logout

so ive had my valorant tracker on my main account then i switched it over to my alt account on valorant tracker and i dont know how to logout of this account

Hi @the_beast,

If you are using our desktop app, you can use this button to unlink your current profile:


You will need to play a match to detect your other profile.

that does not showScreenshot 2022-02-03 121150

It means that the app could detect your nickname but your profile is private. If you want to change it, you need to play a match on your other account.

Im not using the app but I am using the desktop version on a browser and my account Quietkid#5680 which is not my main is linked to my account, my main quietkid#9772 is my main and i cant log into that please help

So you linked your “not main valorant account” to your tracker account?