I want to delete my data and stop tracking my profile in Valorant

i have unlinked my riot id from here. Also I have sent email before to ask them to remove my account which was linked to tracker.gg and they said they have done it and also made my profile private.
But the stats are still getting updated. All my match history and my friends are still being shown and i don’t want that to happen. I need a permanent solution to either remove my valorant id from tracker.gg database altogether.
They clearly said that my account is not linked but my match history still gets updated and it is still “PUBLIC”. Delete my tracker profile and stop tracking my games.
Moderators I need help so please reply. Last time i posted in forum was July 2022 and still didn’t get even any reply or support help

Hi @MagisToR433,

Have you tried to use the “Make Private” button on our home page?



Unfortunately, you did not specify your Valorant nickname which is why we cannot check why exactly your profile is still public.

If you are currently Immortal or Radiant, your Competitive stats will be public by default and there is no way to disable it. Even if we hide your stats in our system (please note we do not offer this option at the moment), your profile still will be visible on other stat tracking websites in this case.

I thought that i wouldn’t get a reply because I didn’t get any in my old post still now so I left out the nickname. Here it is Anos Voldigoad #4IivE . However i can still search my name using MagisToR433 #EUW (old ign as well).
Last time before all this premium support came I contacted your support and asked them to make my profile private or remove it altogether and this was before i reached immortal. They have said that it’s private but my friends can still search my profile and see everything even though its private. I need your help regarding with 2 things.

  1. You have said “currently Immortal or Radiant, your Competitive stats will be public by default” - does that mean my profile and match stats can still be seen even though its private?
  2. I asked RIOT support and they said my account is “not linked” anywhere. When i asked them to remove my profile tracker or make it private permanently - their reply was ask the site support that does the tracking and we don’t have any control over it.
    Which says you “trackergg” can private my account right?
    I either need my profile “private” or removed if there’s any option.
  1. Correct. Immortal and Radiant players may not hide their Competitive stats at all.
  2. Please use the “Make Private” button (see my previous message). You may need to link your account again first. If it does not work, please let me know.

1)) Ok so if i link my account again and use “make private” does that mean my profile will be private? Like they can see my rank on leaderboard but when they visit my profile it’ll show as private? I mean if it can do that i can try doing this.
2) Also you said it shows as long as you’re in immortal or radiant right? What if I reach radiant this act and after that stop playing ranked permanently for all future acts and episodes - Will this still show my profile stats here or “Make private profile feature” will keep my profile hidden?
After this I’ll have an idea and whether my profile can stay private or not & then depending on your reply to my question I can link and do the private thing.

  1. Yes, your profile should become private. Nobody will be able to see your profile.
  2. As far as I remember, your profile will become private automatically when a new act starts (because you are not Immortal/Radiant anymore). You do not need to do anything to hide your Competitive stats in this case.
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Oh i see thank you very very much for your help and for having the patience to answer all my questions. I followed what you said by linking my account and then clicked on valorant page. It showed “make private” - after clicking it asked for revoke access and I clicked yes. This is how it looks from my pov and in another tab while searching my name as public pov.

also please cross check if I followed them correctly and whether my profile is private now when searching by both of these ign. If both are private please notify me here and close my ticket :+1: thank you again in advance.
Anos Voldigoad #4IivE
MagisToR433 #EUW

Yes, both nicknames are private now.