I'm showing up as my buddy in the squad

Just installed Apex tracker but I’m showing up as my buddy and even tho I uninstalled it, restarted the game and went in a solo game I’m still showing up as my friend. The same thing is with him, he gets the info of me.

Hi @Froodrik,

Thank you for your report, we would like to understand what is causing this issue. Could you tell us your nicknames, platforms (Steam or Origin) and send us your game logs?

Hey, my in game name is xXTetrisLoverXx and his is TompsiPlayz and we are both playing on Origin. I’m at work right now but I can send the logs in a couple of hours. Thanks

I’m having the same issue as well along with ads still showing up.

Thank you for your logs, we might have found the issue. Could you confirm a few things please?

  1. Is your nickname MyztikalElement?
  2. Do you know a player whose nickname is TheGreatGouda?

Yes that’s a player I play with. Different matches have been showing the teammates I play with or when it shows my name I still get ads as a premium member on the Origin client.

Thank you. We are currently testing a fix. I will let you know once we release an update for the app.

We released a fix today. Please make sure you are using v1.5.11 (you can check it in the app settings). You need to play a match to detect your own profile in the app. If you encounter this issue again, please let us know.

Hello, I have this problem, My nickname is Strike and hes stokemaster113 we both play on steam [Processing: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service its the link for logs

Hi @Striker3716,

Could you upload your logs on DropMeFiles again please? It says the file was deleted.

Forgot it, it fixed itself.