Important notes about the latest app update (Season 9)

Patch notes for app version 1.5.0:

  1. The new legend Valkyrie is now supported.
  2. The new weapon Bocek Compound Bow is now supported.
  3. The new weapon category Marksman is now supported.
  4. The app supports showing stats and recent matches in different game modes now (All, Duos, Trios, Ranked Leagues).
  5. The welcome image has been updated for new users.
  6. Fixed an issue when stats could not be tracked for some players in a match after recent in-game changes.

Important notes:

  1. The app cannot track stats in Arenas right now. It will take some time to support this game mode.
  2. Your lifetime, legend, and weapon stats have been tracked in the Battle Royale game modes (Duos, Trios, Ranked Leagues, LTM) before this update. With this update, we have added an option to view the stats we have been tracking already.
  3. Your Duos and Trios stats have been accounted for both regular modes and limited-time modes (Airdrop Escalation, Locked and Loaded, Ring Fury Takeover, War Games Takeover). When a new limited-time mode comes out, we will need to update the app to enable accounting your LTM stats in Duos and Trios.
  4. We will be updating the changelog accordingly with important notes whenever the app supports new limited-time modes and accounts for your stats in Duos and Trios. It also applies to the match history.
  5. If you filter your match history by the game mode, the app will not show too old matches.

More information about the app and download.

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