Inconsistent information displayed

Summoner name: ArcDefined

This seems to be confined to the LoL section of TRN, but my profile appropriately updates the “Matches” tab of my League profile, but the other tabs display outdated or otherwise incorrect data depending on what is being selected. Another minor issue is the summoner icon not being updated appropriately.

Hi @d1stortedech0,

Please could you describe what stats aren’t updating? I see 16 arena matches reports, 16 matches are also shown on the overview tab.

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Hi @Post!
Thanks for your reply.
I checked my profile again (both Overview and Matches tabs), and yes, the Arena matches are displaying correctly, but it seems like my matches in the Normal Draft and Normal Blind categories are outdated ~24-36 hours and only show newer ones if I manually hit the refresh icon next to “Live Update On,” which I discovered randomly.

I can see that matches from 12 hours ago are now beginning to stream in, but some days it could be up to 4 days that these reports are taking to actually show up without having to hit the refresh icon.