Incorrect stats/missing from leaderboards master thread!

Welcome everyone!

If you’re having issues with any ‘incorrect data’ whether this be on your profile or leaderboards please post below with a bit of detail so we can make sure everything is working as intended.

At an absolute minimum, we need

  • Your platform of choice
  • Your ‘Gamertag’
  • If you are playing on PC we need your Origin ID
  • If you have issues with your geolocation please ensure you have a TRN account and let me know the account username.

If you’re able to confirm what you believe to be incorrect that will make things much easier.

My goal will be to reply to everyone within 48 hours.
Premium members, you have direct access to me here: Contact Us - Tracker Network or you can email me at [email protected]

My profile (Crtikz) on xbox, shows no stats when i type in my name and also shows nothing when I click my profile on the leaderboard. (Ive been pred over a dozen times so I should definitely have stats showing up) Help would be appreciated as it has been like this for multiple months now. crtikz’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker Attached is the link to my profile which you can see has no stats.

Hi, something doesn’t look right here!

Can you do me a favour and play some matches with just the basic ‘kills’ tracker on (doesn’t matter which legend)

While playing have your ApexTracker profile open on a browser window

Okay Im doing this right now

Just did and nothing changed

Hey there, I changed my Xbox GT like a year or two ago and my stats never updated since.

Old GT: nS Kylerxius

GT: Kylerxius

J’arrive à trouver mon profil mais je ne me trouve pas dans le tracker en statistique de classe
Je suis sur PlayStation
Mon pseudo est Tenryuh
Jai pris l’abonnement tracker network et je ne me trouve toujours pas
J’aimerais juste que le soucis soit régler merci beaucoup

@Kylerxius I can’t see any Season 19 matches in your game history.

Have you played actively on this account this season?


Pourquoi je ne me vois pas dans le classement en classé, j’arrive à trouver mon profil mais que je regarde le classement je ne me trouve pas, ça serais sympas de bien vouloir rectifier cela svp
Pareil dans le classement des légendes sur conduit je vois pas en quelle position je suis par exemple

I am “jothelegend” on epic games. I am not showing up on the fortnite canada trios TRN rating leaderboard or canada trios kills leaderboards for example. I should be around 12 -13 for each. My TRN account is jothelegend2

username: PlayBoiKellen
Platform:Playstation 5
my name is not found on the leaderboard should be top 500 for season 19 kills on playstation and top 100 horizon kills for season 19 i just can’t see my name pop up and would like to see myself
gmail:[email protected]

I cant claim my profile. Can you help me? @Lewie

Hi, I can’t see my gamertag on the regional leaderboards although my geolocation is set and my accounts are linked. It’s princessaltj on all platforms, my main and active account in on PlayStation.