Indescribably inaccurate ranks?

How was I plat for Multiple acts and it shows my peak rank as SILVER??? I can’t explain the pain when you’re in a gold lobby trying to help a team win and they wont listen to you because THE MOST USED VALO TRACKER IS INACCURATE

Hello @CapriSun and welcome to the TRN forums.

There are some known issues/drawbacks to current ratings as seen from the TRN perspective. Specifically, the website lists the following information:

Current rating is based on the last rating the player has entered a match with. Therefore, promotions and demotions will usually be delayed by one match. We also only collect recent matches. If you’re new to the site we may have missed old matches.

The above doesn’t apply to Immortal rating and above, where the rating is updated from Riot’s official leaderboards, usually once an hour. Rating changes happening between updates are generally lost forever.

Remember that “anonymizing” your leaderboard placement in-game will also stop us from tracking the exact rank. Your rating will show up as just “Immortal” or “Radiant”.

One thing that we (meaning you and I; I am not affiliated with TRN so my answers and suggestions here are unofficial) can do to help is to be sure you have everything connected properly as far as your accounts go. Can you ensure your correct Riot account is linked to your TRN account? If it is, are you seeing more-or-less correct data coming through on your TRN profile for Valorant?

If not, please link your account here on the website so we can look into this together.