IOS tracker app does no load period ("device offline" is given even though wifi is established))

Heya! I have tried to open/redownload the tracker app for my Valorant gameplay, but it never even opens before giving me these words: “device offline” and telling me i have no internet connection. I am very much on wifi with a stable connection, so I do not know why this is showing. The retry load button does nothing. The desktop page works, but not the app. I have an Apple iPhone 13 device (IOS).

Delete and redownload; does not work. I checked for updates and there are none. I have a wifi connection. Don’t know what is happening.

Do any other Apple IOS users have this issue with the phone app?

Hi! What country are you located in?

United States

Are you able to reach any of these sites?

I can. I added the DNS servers, but downloading and turning it on loaded the app for me. Thank you, Reprevise.