Is The Tracker broken?

When i launched my siege it showed everything but in game stats when i joined a quick match so i deleted and redownloaded the tracker and now it shows nothing.

same issue here r6 analysis is having the same issue

Hey @Davzey07 and @Dr4gon056, we had some issues in the past few days but we released a fix. Can you please re-launch Overwolf and try again?

in the same boat currently

Hey @XtraDirty, can you please re-launch Overwolf? We released a fix to your issue.

Mine is doing the same thing

@BearVro The Overwolf API is currently down, they are working on fixing it. We hope it will be resolved later today.

I’m new to this program and i’m exited to see it fixed as soon as possible and use it :slight_smile:
Hope you clever dudes can clear the problems XD

The non-vulkan version currently works, a fix for vulkan is hopefully coming today.