Is there any way to retrieve player data in bulk?


I am currently working on a number of Data Science projects and I am looking for larga data sets to work with. Since I like games a lot I was wondering whether there is any way to retrieve large data sets from the website? As far as I can see most data tables only feature 2 to 3 rows ( for example: rank, name and ranked points). Is there any way to retrieve more data per profile in a table format? Maybe via an API? I would be most appreciative of your help!




Unfortunately, there are currently no public APIs for this purpose.

Could you tell us what kind of data science projects you are working on? I can ask the team if there is some project we are interested in.

Hello @LostBlood
I’m honing my skills with several types of machine learning approaches such as linear and logistic regression, different types of classifiers, deep learning and reinforcement learning.

I’m curious to find the relationships between different data such as rank and level etc.
I think it would be an interesting approach to figuring out how well the rank system currently works, how big of a problems smurfs are, what rank you should be with your current level - things like that.

I should probably mention - I am mainly focussing on Apex data atm, but it’s a general curiosity.
Obviously to make accurate predictions I need large amounts of data on players from all over the spectrum.

I already ran some linear regression on the first 21 pages on the ranked leaderboard for Apex Legends to determine a linear relationship between rank score and level as well as the linear relationship between the level and the total amount of kills ^^ (I’m also open to suggestions) Sadly after the first 21 pages I can’t retrieve any more data.

If the team has interest in this I’d be happy to stay in touch :slight_smile:

We definitely have interest, we’re also hiring a data scientist. Can you please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you.

I’ll be in touch. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sending an email soon linking this thread in the email.