Issue with linking TFT and LOL profile on mobile app

I am using android. The mobile app does not let me link my TFT and LOL profile. But it has no problems with valorant profile. I am using the same account for all of them. I know my riot account is linked with trn account because I can access my linked profiles to all of them on the website. But the mobile app only lets me see my valorant profile but not the other 2. Every time I try to link my profile for TFT and LOL and i click on the “add platform” thing it does absolutely nothing. I have already tried multiple times to unlink my riot account from trn and it does not help.

Update: now the TFT linking works fine. But now the LOL profile is broken everywhere even on the web browser. For some reason when I click the LOL profile linked to my riot account it’s an empty profile with nothing there. No stats, and it uses a different pfp than what I use. I searched for my actual LOL profile and I could find it and it says it is not claimed. When I try to claim and I link my riot account it just sends me to the previous profile that had nothing on it. I don’t know what else to do, I already cleared my cache and tried multiple times to link my actual profile but nothing works, and the worst part is that it’s broken everywhere now, even on the browser.

Hey @emigrantcookie!

Just to confirm, your League profile is EmigrantCookie#yum?

yes, it is