Issue with “My Profile”

So just now downloaded the Apple version of the app. Logged in (already had an account, created on my PC) and I reverified my accounts. So I go to the My Profile tab, and it keeps showing different accounts, that are not mine. My Bungie tag is Sprite#6556, and it shows anyone with the name Sprite#xxxx. I tried disconnecting my Bungie account, my Steam account and reconnecting them but that did not fix the issue.

So anytime I go to the “My Profile”, it pulls up someone else with the name Sprite, regardless of the 4 digit code at the end of the gamer tag. Wondering if there is a fix to this. I’ll try redownloading the app as well, but wanted to see if there is a fix/someone else having these issues

When I click My Profile, it shows this

Comment because can’t post more than 1 pic as new member

And this is my account

Any info on this? Still happening