It shows "we encountered an error" when i try to search for my stats with my xbox tag instead of my epic

I have an epic acc and a gamertag, if i search for my stats by my epic nake everything is fine, but when i searched by xbox they site showed a long row of random characters. Yesterday i linked my xbox acc to my fortnite tracker account and after i did that it shows me “we encountered an error” when i search for my name by xbox tag

Hi @F1_Dark,

You should use your Epic Games username to search for your Fortnite stats. Your Xbox username becomes inactive in Fortnite when you associate your Xbox account with your Epic Games account.

However, we still may find your Fortnite profile if you enter your Xbox username on this page (use “Console Search Tool”):

But it doesnt happen to everyone for example if a write an xbox tag of someone it works but mine doesnt