Killjoy Turret tanking my HS%

I recently noticed a huge difference in the headshot percentages of my top agents, with Killjoy having a much lower headshot percentage of 16%, whereas any other agent I play has an average of 21%. I thought it was especially weird because I felt like a was playing as well if not better as Killjoy in terms of accuracy.
Now this is just my theory, and I could be wrong, but I think the tracker might be including the shots that my turret hits as part of my headshot percentage. See, unlike most agent utility that does damage, Killjoy’s turret will show up as a shot after you die in the sidebar, and you can see where it hit the enemy (head, body, feet) but it almost always hits them in the body with very rare instances of anything else.

With most utility like mollies not showing the place that it hit (with the exception of KAY-O molly, which I believe also does this but I do not play KAY-O frequently so I am not sure)

attached is SSTurret Shots in Sidebar showing how it appears as well as my stats for my [Top Agent Stats]

Hopefully those links work because it wouldn’t let me upload the images

Well, they haven´t fixed this yet. I hope they do soon