Labeling Cheaters

I’m sure I’m not the first and definitely won’t be the last to suggest this.

But I think this would be a great feature you guys could add that could flag certain accounts.

Obviously it’s easier said then done. But a place to submit tickets linked to certain accounts with proof would be a good place to start.

And even if you didn’t want to allocate resources to review tickets, you could maybe add tallies or reviews to certain accounts.

i.e. “Team Player”, “Good Communication”, “Cheater”

Just a thought

Hi @r4ta,

Thank you for your feedback. We show such labels for suspicious players in some games (e.g., Warzone and Halo Infinite):


In addition to it, we have developed a system that allows you to report other players on our website. It is currently available in Halo Infinite only:

We are currently testing this system and there is a chance that we will add it on our other websites eventually.