Latest matches aren't showing up

I played last night, May 16 and May 17. Neither day shows any matches played. The last matches I can see are from May 13.

Any solutions?

Hi @DiscoDonuts,

Can you make sure you’ve selected the correct playlists etc at the top of the page? If you’re still seeing issues, please send a link to your profile, and let me know what playlist you were playing.


I always keep it on “All Playlists” so everything should be showing up.

I’ve been playing nothing but Gun Game recently.

Attached an image of what I’m seeing, just in case it’s different than what you end up seeing.

Bumping just to say that Splitgate tracking is still down. The most recent update I have seen from any account that I have checked is May 16th. The calendar seems to have stopped showing new days since the 21st entirely, much less matches played.