Leaderboard Minimum Games

There should be a minimum game requirement to show up on leaderboards. If you check leaderboards now for over half the stats, the players in the first 4-5 pages are all cheaters with not even 10 games played. I think that there should be at least 100 games played to be listed in the leaderboards. Some players get cheats, play 1 game, then get banned and now they end up on the leaderboard with crazy stats like 10 kills per minute with a 20 K/D ratio. Right now, all those kills/elims per game and K/D E/D ratio leaderboards are all ruined by cheaters.

Leaderboards should be reserved for players that actually play the game and play legit. 100 games minimum will still allow some cheater to get on the leaderboard but it’ll clear pages and pages of those 1 game cheaters. At least add a filter option to let us filter out certain stats and players.