Leaderboards enter e exit to maintain position


Im frustated by the Leaderboards. Why? i just play 99% plunder and in my country in KD im in 4º place with 1100 games and more than 3KD. The 1,2 and 3 place have between 100 and 200 games. The Leaderboards only show people play in the last 2 weeks, but this guys dont losse theirs possition because they enter in game and exit and count a game with 0 KD.(so they maintain their positions without real playing). If someone create this rule. Example: with 2 or 3 games with KD of 0 in certain mode, is like they don’t play so they get out of leaderboard like the rule of 2 weeks.

While this may be frustrating it also wouldn’t be fair to remove players who don’t play as often anymore; the idea behind removing inactive accounts is more to try negate cheaters remaining on site if they happen to fly to top spots before getting banned.

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Thank you for your response.

But what is the point of people like me just play one mode and want the get up in leaderboard and find this kind of people with new account at the time, find some people afk, have very good K/D in that match and in the nexts games enter and exit without starting the game just to stay in that position. The guys im talking about only play rebirth and normal mode, They don’t play plunder, their often is just to stay in leaderboards. if you search this kind of people they gave like 100 games in BR and 1 in plunder in 2 weeks. But i see your point.

@meguel1000 We also have constantly changing ‘minimum matches played’ filters that increase over time making it basically impossible for newer accounts to remain visible.

We’re constantly tweaking things but we also don’t want to just remove players who can’t play daily also.

It’s a fine balance and personally I feel we’re in a good spot right now but as always feedback like this does help

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