Lifetime & Operator Stats not Updating for R6

We are aware that lifetime stats (overall kills/ deaths/ wins/ losses etc) & operator stats are not updating. This is an issue on Ubisoft’s side. This has been an issue since 30/11/2021, Ubisoft are aware of the issue however have not provided an ETA on a fix. There is an open R6Fix ticket, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute to the ticket to put more pressure on Ubisoft to fix the issue: Live Server - All lifetime stats are not updating on the official API - Projects - R6Fix

Seasonal stats are not affected (excluding seasonal operator stats). We’ll provide an update to you as soon as Ubisoft update us on the issue. Follow us on twitter to stay up-to-date:

UPDATE - 13th June 2022
Overall Lifetime, Overall Ranked, Overall Unranked & Casual Stats mostly fixed.

Known issues:

  • Operator Stats (Lifetime and seasonal stats) - Will update as soon as we know more, we want these stats back desperately, we know you do too.
  • Headshot %, headshot count, blind kills, xp, melee.
  • Time played (for accounts created after Operation High Calibre)

Please be patient, we know you want these stats back, we do too! Unfortunately Ubisoft are not providing help with fixing these stats at the moment. We are doing what we can to find workarounds to find the missing data, however there are a lot of issues and technical limitations.

Thank you