Live match feature/auto-detection not working

The live match feature doesn’t seem to be working in valorant tracker. I’ve seen other people use it, so it’s a problem with mine. It doesn’t detect the game and auto-launch either. I’ve followed all the installation steps and reinstalled multiple times.

Hi @powat,

Can you see Valorant in the list of games if you open Overwolf settings?

I can. I also do have the overwolf overlay on and auto-launch on.

Nevermind, I fixed it.

The problem seems to be with the elevation. Because of earlier issues, I had to run Valorant as admin (already sorted it out with riot support). Although, the game wouldn’t work without running it as admin. They are working on a fix but for now it seems to work. The problem however is third-party applications can’t access it unless they are on the same elevation (or higher). I would have to run Overwolf and Valorant Tracker as an admin for it to work.

Everything works as normal, just not the auto-launch in game, but that’s reasonable as my account isn’t the admin so I would have to enter the password manually.

If you have the same issue try that!

(btw another fix is to turn off admin mode on Valorant but as I said, if that won’t work the only option is to make the tracker run as admin, too)

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