Live match not working?

live match doesnt seem to be working but it was for me earlier today. anyone know anything

I’ve the same issue… I’ve done everything you’d normally do when you get this issue, like close overwolf, and siege (even closed ubisoft) opened overwolf and launched ubi and siege back up, which launches r6 tracker upon siege’s launch, normally that does the trick, but nothing… I then uninstalled both overwolf and r6 tracker and downloaded a fresh fresh client… Still nothing… How they can charge $3 a month for premium when its doesnt even work is honestly beyond me :confused:

Hi @jroberts617 @Odoltsua.RFF,

It’s highly likely that Overwolf need to make fixes here. Ubisoft’s new security system can cause issues for a small selection of users, it’s unlikely this is an app issue, more likely that Overwolf cannot read game events.

Please can you both attach your app logs, I’ll be able to rule out some causes. If needs be, I may need some further files from you, which I’ll forward to Overwolf so they can resolve your issues.

A guide on attaching app logs is below. Thank you.

i had the same, told me to contact trn

Third time lucky! I reached out to overwolf support and they say its not an issue on their end, and to speak to the tracker devs

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@jroberts617, I can see you’ve turned up in our discord, I’ve replied to you there.

@Odoltsua.RFF, I’ve looked through jroberts’s logs, their issue is on Overwolf’s end. If you’ve attached logs in your Overwolf ticket, and it’s the same issue, I’m very surprised they’ve sent you back to us. I’d recommend attaching your logs, there’s nothing I can do otherwise. I can tell you’re frustrated, but let’s keep everything pleasant please.

Didn’t mean to come across as unpleasant, so I apologize, I did attach my logs to them. If my issue is the same as Jroberts617s’ would it be something im able to fix myself, or something they’d need to patch/correct on their end?

Would you mind attaching the logs here? We cannot see your Overwolf support ticket on our end yet. If your issue is the same as jrobert’s, we might need some additional files from you. Would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

It wont let me upload the logs due to being a new account sadly, it’s alright, my team I play with theirs work so they can call out what i need to know

link for my app logs DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Hi @Odoltsua.RFF @KingZeroKiryu,

The issues should be resolved now. Please make sure you’re on the latest Overwolf plugin, following this guide should get you updated.

My Live Matches not working either even though Service Status Green. I have checked for updates in the Overwolf app but none available so have the latest version. Restarted Overwolf and done everything in the Support section but still the same. Even previous matches show no players … both in app and online. Was working perfectly fine before latest r6 siege update a few days ago. Here is my logs: